500 Series

Micro Positioning Systems 500 Series

512with stepper motor and limit switches

The winning combination of precision-ground tables, crossed rollers, fine-pitch screw and DC motor-controlled drive produces a perfect resolution of 0.1µm over the long range of 25 mm/1 inch. Accuracy 0.1µm/0.000004 in.


  • Direct Compact Drive

  • Fine Pitch 0.5 mm Screw

  • Two Way Slip Clutch

  • X, XY and XYZ Mountable

  • Resolution 0.1 µm

High Resolution Motorized Tables

XY open frame T stage200mm travel, 300mm X 365mm motorized

535-2 X-Y Microscope Stage

The 535-2 motorized two axis microscope stage is the ideal solution for automating demanding microscope operations. Precision lead screws, quality cross roller bearings, and 13mm dia. DC gearmotor make this the stage of choice where ultimate precision is required. Optional linear encoder scales are offered to give 1 µm positional accuracy.


  • Platen size 150mm square

  • Extremely low profile, 30mm height

  • Clear 50mm aperture through full range of XY motion

  • 0.1 µm resolution (with shaft encoders)

  • 1µm resolution accuracy (with Linear encoders)

  • Range of gearheads, speeds, and resolutions

  • Platen drilled and tapped to suit

  • Compatible with CTC-DC Motor Controller

  • Analog joystick control

  • Matching motorized Z-Axis

  • Other travel dimensions and configurations available

  • Vacuum compatible

60mm x 60mm, 40º Travel

551 Tilting Goniometer Stage

The tilting stage uses a dove tail slide systems, which is driven by a precision gear. Tilting angle is ±20º of arc from the 0º point; plus or minus 30º.The center of the arc of rotation is 37 mm above the center of the top surface. Two tip tilt stages may be stacked directly to give motion rotating around a common fixed point. Can be motorized.

552 Tilting Goniometer Stage
570 Precision Worm Gear Tables Rotating Stages



  • High Precision 360º Rotation with Dual Bearings

  • 570-60, 60mm Dia. Table, Large 30 mm Center Hole

  • 570-100, 100mm Dia. Table. High Stability, low profile construction

  • Two precision ball bearings are supporting the structure seated on precision machine and ground mounting surfaces, preloaded to eliminate wobble and runout regardless of mounting position.

  • The drive spindle has a leveraged hinge mount to be easily disengaged from the worm gear to rotate the table top freely to any degree.

  • The DC Motor drives and gearheads can be selected and sized to meet the speed and resolution requirements as the project demands.

Rotating Stages can be combined with other positioners, like multi-axis linear stages.

Multi-axis controllers would allow multiple movements set by the same instrument.


40 X 40 X 60mm, XYZ, Screwdrive, with limit stop.

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