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All systems feature both manual and motorized translation.
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US EuroTek, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of precision positioning equipment including motorized micrometers, piezoelectric actuators, dovetail and crossed roller bearing linear stages, and precision worm gear 360° rotation stages. All systems feature both manual and motorized translation. 

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The PIEZOMECHANIK people have a long experience in designing and manufacturing piezomechanical actuators for various applications ranging from ultrafast piezomechanical firing-pins for rifles to nozzle actuators for newest fuel injection technology to very high load / high power actuators for airframe vibration control. We give you the elements to control laser resonators, to handle optical fibers or to autofocus your microscope. We supply you with PZT's for biological manipulators, for mechanical switches, for tooling machines, for micropumps and, and, and ...

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