470 Series


For optimum positioning performance, these stages must be used with our 290 Series controllers.

470 Translation Stage Series

Motorized Versions for linear and rotary applications & multi-axis configurations.

The 470 translation stage series is a larger, high precision stage, designed and constructed on the same successful concept as the popular CTC-460 series. Compared to the smaller 460 model, the 470 travel ranges have been extended to 150/200/250 mm (6"/8"/10"), and the load capacity has been increased to 200 Ibs. proportional to the large table size of 150 x 150 mm (6" x 6").

The table base, crossed roller bearings, and table top have been precision machined and ground to an absolute flatness and straightness. In addition, for compactness the motor is recessed. The result is a compact, high precision motion device with high load capacity.

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